Hardwood refinishing services

Restore your hardwood flooring to its former glory!

Is your hardwood looking worse for wear?

If you love the natural, elegant, or rustic look of your hardwood flooring but are noticing that it's starting to look worn, faded, or damaged, call the hardwood restoration experts at McSwain Carpets & Floors. With a professional refinishing from our team of technicians, your hardwood will be left gleaming once more in no time!

With over 50 years of experience, refinishing hardwood is just one of our many specialities. Using a complex refinishing process along with the finest equipment and products, we have serviced countless homes in the Cincinnati, Dayton, and northern Kentucky areas. We are able to remove UV damage and cosmetic flaws, resurfacing and re-staining your floors to your specifications while also bringing out your wood's natural characteristics. We'll then buffer your flooring, leaving it shining and looking as good as new. We also offer our signature ultraviolet curing process that will protect your newly refinished flooring from dirt, stains, and UV damage.

Why restore your hardwood?

Improving the look and quality of your hardwood does much more than simply enhance your home’s aesthetic. It strengthens your floors and makes them safer to walk on. It also saves you money by reducing potential repair costs and increasing your home’s value. Better yet, our process is quick, with little interruption to your daily life. We've built a reputation throughout Ohio and northern Kentucky for our quality refinishing services, and we'll strive to exceed your expectations!

Our signature dust containment system

McSwain Carpets & Floors uses a dust containment system that effectively controls dust. While we cannot guarantee a dust-free environment since all sanding produces dust, we can greatly reduce it using this containment system. This allows us to sand and resurface your hardwood without leaving a layer of dust on your furniture or a heavy concentration of dust particles floating through the air. We also ensure that our products are safe for kids, pets, and the environment!

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Ultraviolet curing and floor maintenance

If you’ve had hardwood floors recently installed or restored in your home, it’s vital to let them cure or you risk damaging their finish. Curing time for wood flooring is on average between two to four weeks, which can vary depending on the type of finish as well as the temperature and relative humidity in the area. With our signature ultraviolet curing process, however, your hardwood is ready for action on the very same day, thanks to our UV process. Not only is it faster, but there will be less odor and your flooring will be more durable. We can also offer expert guidance on keeping your refinished flooring in great shape for years to come. Contact us for more information!

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