Proper care and maintenance is essential for your hardwood flooring!

Hardwood Care & Maintenance

As a natural product, your new hardwood requires some specific care and maintenance to help it look beautiful, age well, and stand the test of time. Learn more about daily care, preventative maintenance, and spill removal below.

Daily care tips

Protect the finish with the use of throw rugs in entry areas and high traffic areas. Throw rugs will capture abrasive grit. Use of floor protectors on furniture will help prevent scratches and dents. Avoid high heels on hardwood surfaces, as they can cause denting. These dents can only be removed by re-sanding the entire floor. Do not move heavy objects on hardwood without protecting the surface. The best practice is to move objects using heavy cardboard or wood panels. 

Do not use water to clean the floor. Dust mopping is the best method to remove grit and soil from the floors finish. Vacuums without beater bars are recommended.

If your hardwood is waxed or oil-rubbed, it will require separate maintenance steps. Please consult with McSwain for guidance on these finishes.

Dealing with spills

If a spill occurs, wipe it up as quickly as possible. For heavy soil removal, we recommend using a wood floor cleaner such as McSwain Poly Clean. Always check your manufacturer's product recommendations for your specific floor. Never use waxes, polishes, or silicone-based products. The use of these products will prevent your ability to apply a new finish in the future without the expense of re-sanding the floor.

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