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Carpet Care & maintenance

While many of today's carpet manufacturers use innovative technologies for added stain resistance and durability, it's still important to develop a proper care and maintenance routine for your carpet to keep it looking and feeling its best for many years to come.

Daily care tips

Before even worrying about daily care, it's important to establish a preventative maintenance routine. Getting into the habit of practicing these tasks will help your carpet last for many years without experiencing unnecessary wear and tear. First, invest in entry mats and place them throughout your home. Encourage visitors to thoroughly wipe shoes on them before walking across your carpet. Keep these mats clean so that they do not become sources of dirt themselves. Next, consider placing sliders under your furniture so that you can move it easily without needing to drag it along your carpet, which risks damaging your carpet's fibers. Finally, consider the lighting in your room. Do you have lots of natural light? If so, you may want to periodically draw curtains so that your carpet is not exposed to constant bright sunlight, which can cause it to fade.

As far as daily care goes, the best thing you can do for your carpet is to vacuum it using a manufacturer-approved appliance, such as a Miele vacuum. For best results, ensure your vacuum has an adjustable rotator brush.

Dealing with spills & stains

While many of today's carpets are manufactured with superior stain resistance, your carpet is still prone to spills and stains. If one occurs, here's how to handle it.

First, determine what kind of spill it is. If it's a water-based stain such as juice, dab carefully with a damp cloth to attempt to absorb as much of the mess as you can before it sets and becomes a stubborn stain. Use a manufacturer-approved carpet cleaner, such as Shaw's Carpet Cleaner, and carefully follow all instructions. For more complex spills, take a look Shaw's helpful guide to common spills.

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