Male architect or interior designer holding wooden color swatch | McSwain Carpet & Floors

Are you thinking about treating your home to new floors in the New Year? If so, you may find the process to be slightly overwhelming and confusing, at least at first. To help alleviate some of the frustration, we’re dedicating our first blog post of 2021 to helping you navigate the process. In today’s blog, we’ll share our three best tips for finding the perfect flooring for your space.

How to Prepare for Your Showroom Visit

Before you visit your nearest McSwain Carpets & Floors location, there are several things you should do first to ensure you get get the most out of your experience.

– To get started, draw a rough sketch of the room or rooms you’ll be redoing. During this process, don’t forget to include where the entrances are located.

– Next, measure the area that will be covered with new flooring. This measurement is important, so be sure it’s exact. Also, remember to include the measurements of any closets or other areas that will need matching flooring.

– Include what the adjoining rooms are used for and what types of flooring are present. It isn’t a must, but including the color, texture, and style of the neighboring flooring isn’t a bad idea. Our design experts will use this additional information to help narrow down the options and ensure the new flooring complements the other rooms and your entire space flows well into each other.

– If you know, jot down what’s underneath your current flooring.

– Consider what you want to do with the current baseboards and moldings in the room. Would you like to keep them the same, refinish them, or replace them?

– Bring photos of the room or rooms you hope to refinish.

– If there are swatches, fabrics, or colors you hope to incorporate in the room design bring them with you, as well. Our design experts will use the samples to help you find a flooring to complement your overall vision.

Be Ready to Answer a Few Questions

Before our design experts start showing you various flooring options, they’ll need to have an understanding of how the room is used and your goals for the space. So be prepared to answer the following questions:

– How much traffic does this room experience on a typical day?

– How is the room used?

– Do you have any children or pets? If so, how many?

– Is there a certain color you have in mind?

– What are your expectations for your new flooring? How long do you expect the new flooring to last?

– Where will this flooring be located? Example: Children\s basement playroom or ground-level kitchen.

– Is the area prone to moisture or water damage?

Reviewing the Price Quote

The process is almost over — you’re in the home stretch! At this point, you’ve perused the flooring options and have discussed your likes and dislikes with one of our design experts, and have narrowed it down to the one. Now, our design consultant will provide you with a price quote. Before you sign, check for the following:

– All installation costs (installation price, cost of moving furniture, steps, take-up and haul away, etc.).

– Cost of materials needed to complete the installation.

– Make sure all the details are in writing – the amount of flooring needed, and a rough diagram of how the installation will be completed, including where seams will be located.

Lastly, Dare to Compare! At McSwain Carpets & Floors, we want to make sure our customers get the best bang for their buck. After all, it’s apart of our 10 Point Pledge. Once you know you’re getting the best price, it’s time to sign on the line and schedule the installation! If you are ready to start your flooring journey, come into your local McSwain Carpets & Flooring today.