Fresh Flooring Ideas in Time for Spring | McSwain Carpet & Floors

The spring season always brings a sense of newness and freshness, and for many homeowners, this time of year can inspire all kinds of new home improvement projects. If you’ve been thinking about updating your floors in a given space, below are four fresh, spring-inspired flooring ideas to help you get those creative juices flowing.

1. Try travertine.

Travertine flooring is usually sold in tile form, and is derived from a type of limestone that can be found near mineral springs. As a flooring material, travertine generally comes in an array of warm, earth-toned colors such as rust, brown, beige, tan and other related hues. While travertine has been used to adorn all kinds of living spaces since ancient times, it brings a certain sense of whimsy and freshness to a room due to its unpredictable, naturally-formed surface patterns. And it’s not just about aesthetics either – travertine is also exceptionally durable, but it can easily be removed and replaced in case repairs are needed. Polished travertine is an excellent choice for kitchens in particular, because it is remarkably stain-resistant, which works well for these types of high-traffic areas.

2. Go for wide-board oaks.

European oaks, in particular, have increased in popularity in recent years, with wide boards and/or random-sized planks emerging as a top choice for many homeowners. These types of oak floors tend to have more of a subdued matte finish, with weather-worn features that add a sense of character to living spaces. Fatter boards with hand-scraped or wire-brushed textures offer an old-world, reclaimed look that has gained serious traction as a mega-trend in the past few years. As far as color choices go, grays and taupes look to be top choices due to their compatibility with a variety of decor styles. This type of rustic aesthetic looks great in both contemporary and traditional homes.

3. Make bamboo a can-do.

There’s something about bamboo that exudes natural freshness and beauty, so it only makes sense to include it on the list of spring-inspired flooring choices. While bamboo is often used as an alternative to hardwood or engineered wood flooring, it’s actually not derived from wood itself, but rather from a type of treelike grass. Since it’s a natural, sustainable material, bamboo is considered to be ecologically friendly, and its elegant, distinct look can elevate the style factor of any living space. Due to its exceptional strength and hardness, it’s a great choice for homeowners looking for a durable flooring option for kitchens, family rooms, foyers, and other high-traffic areas.

4. Consider cork.

Cork flooring, like bamboo, is a sustainable, eco-friendly material that has become an uber-popular flooring choice in recent years. Derived from the bark of cork trees, this versatile material is showing up in bathrooms all across the country as an attractive, warmer alternative to ceramic tile, Generally speaking, wood or wood-like flooring materials are discouraged in bathroom areas, but since cork is naturally water-resistant, soft underfoot and possesses antimicrobial properties, it’s a great choice when you’re looking for a surface covering that will provide practical functionality while adding a unique, visually striking aesthetic to your bathroom.

With so many different flooring options to choose from, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed or unsure about which way you should go. McSwain Carpets & Floors has the experience and expertise to help you narrow down your choices, so you can select the flooring material that works best for your household and lifestyle. We have decades of experience in the floor covering industry, and we’ve covered everything from carpet in Dayton to hardwood flooring in Cincinnati to ceramic tile in West Chester. Contact us today to see how we can help you get started on your spring flooring project!